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Music Sync Neon LED Strip Lights - RGBIC Dreamcolor, Silicone Rope

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Emitting Color: Neon Led Full Set
Color: 1M
Wattage: Eu-Plug


Dish out your common LED strips and Upgrade to our way more aesthatically pleasing brand new LED Neon Rope Light


Elevate your ambiance with our Neon LED Strip Lights, a harmonious blend of technology and artistry. Engineered with advanced RGBIC Dreamcolor and music sync capabilities, these silicone neon rope lights offer an unparalleled 84 LEDs per meter for vibrant, fluid lighting effects. Perfect for creating personalized atmospheres, the lights sync with your favorite tunes, making every beat a visual spectacle. Ideal for any room, they transform ordinary spaces into dynamic showcases of color and motion.

Transform your space with our cutting-edge RGBIC LED Strip Lights, featuring unique IC technology for dynamic color-chasing effects. Experience an array of mesmerizing lights that dance, twinkle, and skip across the room in a variety of patterns and hues. These 5050 RGB LED strips don't just illuminate; they bring your space to life with vibrant, dreamlike sequences. Perfect for setting the mood or adding a touch of whimsy to any room.



Soft and Flexible Neon LED Rope Light

Bendable Neon Lights supports you to unleash limitless imagination.

Music Sync Mode

Choosing multiple music modes will effortlessly sync with your favorite audio,react in real time for thrilling home entertainment moments.