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8-Stage Bathtub Water Filter for Sensitive Skin

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🛀Advanced Filtration Technology:

FRAMICS bathtub water filter have advanced 8 stages filtration technology, combined with the enriching blend of KDF 55, Vitamin C balls, Mineralizing balls, and Magnetic Energy balls, infuses water with oxygen, beneficial minerals, and essential elements.


🛀Efficient Water Purification:

Our bath filter for tub not only ensures a cleaner and healthier bath but also nourishes your skin and hair. Upgraded filtration system is incredibly effective in removing hundreds of contaminants, including 99% of chlorine, heavy metals, rust, scale, and other impurities.


🛀No Installation Needed:

Bath tub water filter is easy to set up right under the faucet. Our bathtub filter for tub comes with 2 different cords to use for hanging, a shorter one if you have a stopper pull and then a longer one if you don’t, simply used the longer cord and wrapped it around once to keep it secure. (Tub filter for bathtub with splash proof cover can be used as needed).


🛀Enhanced Bathing Experience:

By softening the water and neutralizing odors, our bath ball filter transforms regular bath water into a more luxurious experience. The bath water filter nourishes your skin and hair with essential vitamins and minerals, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


🛀Multiple Uses:

The bathtub faucet filter is BPA-free and aims to purify bathwater. Beneficial for those who live in areas where the water is hard and full of contaminants, suffer from eczema, diaper rash, or sensitive and itchy skin, have frizzy dry hair, and give babies baths all the time.