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2-in-1 Spray Window Cleaner with Long Pole

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Color: White

Spray Window Cleaner 2 in 1 Window Squeegee with Spray Bottle 130CM Long Pole for Home Window Cleaning and Outdoor Glass Clean

Water spray window scraping, scraping, scrubbing, water spray integrated multi-function window scraping, window cleaning black technology, one button spray, easy to clean high glass.

Press to quickly apply water, wetting the window first will make it easier to clean.
Soften dirt and separate it from glass, making it easier to clean.

Front and rear double scraping, bidirectional scraping is more convenient, fits the glass, and is clean immediately after scraping.The slender shaft has a lightweight feel and can be easily lifted from both low and high altitudes.About 80ml lightweight water bottle, just right for the entire house. If you add some cleaning solution, you can clean the glass more deeply.

Blue and white dual effect wiping cloth, strong stain removal and water absorption. Rich bubbles for wet use, strong descaling for slightly wet use, and dust adsorption for dry use.Not only does it clean windows, but it can also be applied to more scenarios, with segmented product design and convenient high and low cleaning.