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3.6L Portable Carbon Tap Water Filter Pitcher

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Color: Filter Element-6 Pcs


Get Access to Healthy Water in a heartbeat

The Water tastes like Pure Mountain Spring Water

Save Thousands of Dollars you would spend otherwise from buying Water Bottles

Help Save the Environment by Ditching Plastic Water Bottles

All in one!



Quench your thirst with confidence and purity using our 3.6L Portable Carbon Water Filter Pitcher! Crafted for convenience and quality, this pitcher ensures every sip is refreshingly clean and free from impurities. With its advanced activated carbon filtration system, enjoy crisp, great-tasting water right from your kitchen. Say goodbye to the hassle of bottled water and embrace eco-friendly hydration at your fingertips. Upgrade your daily hydration routine effortlessly with this essential addition to your kitchen arsenal. Dive into the refreshing taste of pristine water today!


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The MINA Filter can be easily recycled - the first filter of its kind. No need to discard your filter in the garbage or ship it to a third-party recycling facility, simply compost the minerals and recycle the filter.