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Automatic Soap Dispenser - Smart Foam & Alcohol Spray

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Color: Foam

Automatic Dispensing 

The dispenser automatically dispenses soap or alcohol without the need for manual pumping, making it convenient and easy to use.


Inductive Sensor 

The dispenser has an inductive sensor that detects when your hand is near, automatically dispensing soap or alcohol without the need for manual pumping.

Foam Soap Dispenser

The dispenser creates a foam soap solution, which helps to spread the soap more evenly and efficiently, leaving your hands feeling clean and refreshed.

Smartphone Compatible

The dispenser is compatible with smartphones, allowing you to easily control the dispensing of soap or alcohol with your phone.

Product size: 187 mm "72mm" 107 mm

Net weight: 268

Liquid capacity: 400 milliliters

Power supply: USB charging

Rated power: 1.5W

Input voltage: DC-5V

Response speed: 0.25 seconds

Working temperature: 5C-40 ° C

Sensing distance: 0-70mm

Working humidity: 0% -85%

Usage: About 2000 times (charging once)

Charging time: about 3 hours

Waterproof Level: Px4

Method of generating liquid: infrared automatic sensing