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Slow-Feeder Dog Water Bowl - 35Oz Non-Slip Pet Dispenser

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Size: 1L


Experience a revolution in pet care with our Double Anti-Spill Pet Water Bowl! Designed with a waterproof edge strip and floating disk, this bowl prevents messy spills and keeps your floor dry, eliminating the need for constant cleanup after your furry friend's water time. The innovative slow water feeder design controls the drinking pace, while the extreme large capacity ensures a day-long supply of fresh water for your pet. Forget about wet mouth hairs and water quality concerns—the separable 2-pieces disk welded design keeps water clean by preventing dust, dirt, and pet hair from contaminating it. Perfect for travel or everyday use, this non-slip bowl, with its anti-skid strips, is a game-changer in maintaining a mess-free and hygienic environment for your beloved pet. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after water spills and hello to a clean, happy pet hydration experience!



Mess-Free Floors

Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly cleaning up water spills and messy trails with our Double Anti-Spill Pet Water Bowl, designed to keep your floors dry and tidy at all times.

Pet Grooming Made Easy

Prevent wet mouth hairs and the need for constant grooming by utilizing the floating disk feature, which controls water and keeps your pet's mouth dry and hair untinted, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable experience.

Effortless Maintenance

Enjoy the convenience of a separable, easy-to-clean design that helps prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from affecting water quality, providing a consistently clean water environment for your pets with minimal effort.

Perfect for Travel

The anti-spill design and compact build make our pet water bowl an ideal travel companion, ensuring a mess-free hydration solution whether you're on the road or just need a convenient water source for your furry friend.