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Smart Electric Water Gallon Pump Dispenser

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Color: Black


Water Dispenser Electric Water Gallon Pump Mini Smart Water Pump Bottle H3 Automatic Foldable Desktop Drink Dispensers 19 Liters


1. Foldable Design,clean and easy to carry (folded shutdown, turn on automatic startup)

2. LCD Display, real-time recording of water output

3. Two operating modes: 3-gears quantitative pumping(200ML/600ML/800ML) and coutinuous pumping

4. 2 in 1 Design, can put in on the bucket or any table.

5. Designed with safe material, no toxic and no smell, 304 stainless steel water outlet, health and environmental protection

6. Suitable for pure bottled drinking water, a variety of models gallon barrel with 4.5L-18.9L.

7. Built in USB rechargeable 1200mAh battery, can be used for 70 days or around 8 bottles of 18.9L water once full charged.