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Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock - Smart Anti-Theft Drawer Security

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Elevate your home or office security to the next level with our cutting-edge KAK Biometric Fingerprint Lock. This sleek, black keyless lock is the epitome of modern security, offering a smart and efficient way to protect your valuables with just a touch. Designed for cabinets, drawers, and doors, this lock features advanced fingerprint recognition technology that ensures only authorized users can gain access, providing a robust anti-theft solution.

Forget the hassle of keys or combinations; our fingerprint lock is engineered for convenience, allowing quick and secure access with a single touch. With its long standby time, you can rely on this lock to be ready whenever you need it, ensuring continuous protection without constant maintenance.

Ideal for both home and office use, the KAK Biometric Fingerprint Lock seamlessly blends security with style. Its discreet design complements any decor, providing a sophisticated look while offering unmatched security. Whether safeguarding confidential documents or precious jewelry, this smart drawer lock is your best defense against unauthorized access.


Key features:

Keyless entry with advanced fingerprint technology

Anti-theft design for maximum security

Long standby time for reliable protection

Sleek, stylish black finish to complement any setting


Don't compromise on security. Choose the KAK Biometric Fingerprint Lock for peace of mind and state-of-the-art protection. Shop now and step into the future of security.



Brand: KAK
Color: Black
Material : ABS and zinc alloy
Lock Size : Please check following photo
Fingerprint Capacity: 20
Powersupply: 3 x AAA Batteries ( not included )
Package includes: 1 set of fingerprint cabinet lock with necessary accessories


Super Quick Response

The fingerprint lock can recognize your fingerprint in only 0.5 second and unlock immediately!


Low Battery Alert

When you open the lock, the light is red and flashes 3 times, it is noticing you to replace new batteries!


Backup Unlock Method

Here is an emergency USB key, in case of unable to unlock due to cracked fingers and other reason. If the battery power is empty, you can charge it by power bank.


Super Long Standby Time 365 Days

3 AAA batteries can last working for about 365 days ( please notice battery is not included parcel )