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20x28 Inch LED Vanity Mirror - Dimmable, Anti-Fog, Frameless

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Size: 20X28 In


Elevate Your Vanity Experience: Our LED Mirror is a stunning addition to your bathroom, providing a touch of luxury and functionality. With front lights that illuminate your space, this 20 X 28-inch frameless mirror brings both style and practicality. Say goodbye to foggy mirrors with the built-in anti-fog feature, ensuring clarity even in steamy conditions. The memory dimmable function allows you to customize the lighting to suit your mood. Versatile in design, you can mount it horizontally or vertically, enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. Treat yourself or your loved ones to this thoughtful and sophisticated Valentine's Day gift, adding a touch of glamour to the daily routine.


Dimmable & Memory

The brightness of this modern led mirror is dimmable, touch the light button for 1 second to turn the mirror light on/off. Touch the light button for 3 seconds to adjust the brightness of the mirror (10%-100%). When the LED mirror is restarted after a power failure, it will return to the last use without having to adjust again.



Safe Defogging

The frontlit mirror's light and anti-fog are controlled separately. To avoid overheating of the mirror due to long time use of defogging, defogging will automatically turn off after one hour of continuous use, then you need to click the defogging button to turn on the defogging function again.



Plug or Wall Switch

Our bathroom mirror support normal wall switch control and can be connected using plugs or hardwired. Can be installed in bathroom, bedroom and the room you want to install. Only plays an auxiliary role in the brightness of the room, and is not recommended as a separate lighting.



Packaging & Waterproof

Newly improved packing greatly reduces damage during transportation. Keonjinn led mirrors have passed all tests including dropping test, impact test, heavy pressure test etc. This illuminated mirror has a waterproof rating of IP54, ensuring safe lighting in wet bathroom environments.



1 Dimmable 2 Defogging 3 Light Strip
1 Exceptional Lighting 2 Soft Touch Switch 3 Shatter-proof Glass
1 Horizontal/Vertical 2 Size Suggestion
6000K LED Bathroom Mirror