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Easy-to-Use Animal-Shaped Lemon Juicer

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Color: Acrylic Bird


Elegant bird-like design, put in a lemon slice and you can drink lemonade in a flash with a simple press. Keep drinking a glass of original lemonade without any additives every day to maintain a healthy life, an essentials & sophisticated gadget for the kitchen.


1. Cut the lemon/lime lengthwise and cut into 1/4 inch thick half slices

2. Put 1 and a half slices in the squeezer (washed)

3. Press the lever until the reservoir is full.

4. Pour the juice on the food/drink

6. After dinner, just rinse the juicer with straw brush & water.


Material: Acrylic

Color: White

Size: L length 4.8 inches x W width 1.4 inches x H height 2 inches