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Portable Mini Eyelash Curlers with Flexible Silicone Pad

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Actual Color: Pink

Eyelash curlers have an intelligent system that gives a suitable and safe temperature that is perfect for your precious eyelashes. A soft temp sensing pad and preset temperature settings create a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage resulting in shinier, healthier, and more beautiful eyelashes. Heated lash curler provides accurate arc angle, perfect curve, and width and is professionally designed and tested for most eye shapes, keep pain-free in mind, curling eyelashes has never been so effortless with our eyelash curler. Flawlessly calibrated hinges ensure squeeze and hold simply can provide uniform pressure. You can get the desired appearance of curled lashes to make your makeup perfect. As a must-have eyelash curler kit, makeup beginners can create a perfect curl effortlessly in seconds.

  • YAMYONE electric heated eyelash curlers with flexible silicone pad, portable mini electric eyelash
  • One-step lash curler for long & voluminously curled eyelashes in seconds, battery included
  • Heated eyelash curler no pinching, just simply curled eyelashes for a lash lift in seconds
  • Designed with an ergonomic and fashionable body
  • Elastic silicone pads bring a nice curl that last long