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Robot Pool Cleaner: Cordless, App Control, Rechargeable

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'- Suitable for small and medium pools;

- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery;

- Cordless;

- Integrate with Gyroscope;

- Autonomous "Route Planning": Scan the pool data during running to self-adjust into a time-efficient running route;

- Large filter container;

- Ultra light and easy to use/maintain;

- Single-front high-speed scubber;

- "Auto-reverse": touch wall then reverse running direction;

- "Self-beaching": move to pool edge when the battery runs out;

- Smartphone app: input pool data for more accurate route planning and select cleaning modes;

'- Battery life: max. 160-200min;

- Battery type: lithium-ion;

- Battery capacity: 6400mAh;

- Rated voltage: 25.2V;

- Power: 80W;

- Flow rate: 13m³/h;

- Filter density: 180μm;

- Max cleaning area: 120m²; -Charging time: 4-5h