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Smart 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum: Sweep, Mop & Auto-Clean

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Color: Black


Elevate your cleaning routine with our Intelligent 3-in-1 Sweeping Robot – a powerhouse that vacuums, sweeps, and mops, ensuring a versatile and efficient cleaning experience. Embrace the luxury of automated operation, saving you time and effort. This intelligent robot navigates obstacles seamlessly, reaching every nook and cranny for a comprehensive cleaning session. RoHS certified, it meets international environmental safety standards, guaranteeing a secure and family-friendly cleaning companion. Embrace a spotless home effortlessly with the cutting-edge technology of our RoHS-certified sweeping robot.



Effortless Cleaning Revolution

Our Intelligent 3-in-1 Sweeping Robot is your answer to time-consuming cleaning tasks, effortlessly vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, offering a hands-free solution for a consistently spotless home.



Time-Saving Automation

Embrace the future of cleaning with our fully automatic sweeping robot, saving you precious time and manual labor, ensuring your home stays immaculate without any effort on your part.



Intelligent Cleaning Precision

Experience a new level of cleaning intelligence with our robot, navigating obstacles and reaching every corner, providing a thorough and precise cleaning job that traditional methods can't match.



Family-Friendly and Eco-Conscious

RoHS certified for environmental safety, our sweeping robot ensures a clean home without compromise, making it safe for children and pets, and contributing to a greener and healthier living space.



Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Clean

Tired of constant charging interruptions? Our Intelligent 3-in-1 Sweeping Robot boasts an extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions and allowing you to enjoy a consistently spotless home without frequent recharging hassles.